Dear Wolf Swamp Families,

I am excited and honored to join the Wolf Swamp family. As a young adult, the first Longmeadow school I ever visited was Wolf Swamp. My aunt was the library assistant and I attended a ceremony to celebrate her years of service. It’s funny how life can come full circle. Being back in Longmeadow feels like coming home.

My employment here began in 1991. I was a special education teacher, a fourth grade teacher and, finally, principal of Blueberry upon my retirement in 2017. I thoroughly enjoyed the first two years of retirement. Unexpectedly last year, I had the wonderful opportunity to be the interim principal at Mile Tree school in the Hampden-Wilbraham School District. It was a rewarding, and without a doubt, a memorable experience. When I accepted the position, I could never have predicted that we would be dealing with a pandemic causing schools to close. That experience will assist me as I rejoin the Longmeadow School community and we work together in meeting the challenges our new normal presents.

Today was my first day. I met with the Administrative Team and with Dr. Nelson individually. I am a quick learner, but ask for your patience as I am brought up to speed. I am impressed with the work that has happened over the summer and is continuing. Adaptability and flexibility are crucial as we navigate this journey together, encountering and solving problems in this unpredictable time.

Although there is much I cannot predict about this school year, there is one constant. Your children will be loved and cared for by the teachers and staff at Wolf Swamp.

I look forward to “meeting” some of you in the zoom sessions organized by Superintendent O’Shea. I especially look forward to working with you as we provide a positive and productive learning experience for all.


Marie Pratt

Principal and Office staff

Marie Pratt


Louise Stierer

Office Secretary

Karen Barrett

Office Assistant

Jennifer Ghareeb

School Nurse


Directory Faculty and Staff

School Council

What is a school council?

School Councils are representative advisory groups that collaborate in planning for and implementing school improvement. They are a form of site-based management that places the school at the center of planning, goal setting, and budgeting for improvement. Members of our School Council are:

Responsibilities of a school council

School councils are to assist principals in:

School councils are to assist principals in:

  • Adopting educational goals for the school that are consistent with local educational policies and statewide student performance standards

  • Identifying the educational needs of students attending the school

  • Reviewing the annual school building budget

Formulating a school improvement plan

Members 2019- 2020

School Council Members

Beth Nelson, Principal

Jennifer Hunt, Teacher

Kati Lemay, Teacher

Kris Gagne, Teacher

Christian Henshaw, Parent

Summer Williams, Parent

Yeselie Mascaro, Parent

Kelly Ross, Parent

Kristen Wing, Community Representative


Dates of Meetings:

First Wednesday of every month at 3:15 in Room 103