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Oct.27th SC minutes

School council notes 10/27/14

Minutes from 10/14 approved.

Agenda 1:

School improvement plan


Readers Workshop will be dropped to 45 minutes from 60 minutes.

Students not meeting expectations will be serviced 4-5 times a week-we need to revisit this.

This past year 86.9% of students were proficient or advanced on BAS.

55% average student growth for the whole building on MCAS

We did improve on the ELA open response, but we did not make our goal of the average score 2.89.

For the ELA MCAS, in third grade we had an increase of 3 students in advanced, but a decrease in 16 students who were proficient.

In fourth grade, advanced students increased by 6, proficient increased by 8 students.

In fifth grade, advanced increased by 4 students, proficient decreased by 7 students.


Initiative-we need to revisit reinstituting establishing a collection of common assessments.

Measurement needs to be revisited as this matches the initiative above, and that has since been abandoned.

Student growth was 50%-we hit our goal as a building.

3rd grade-We had an increase of 4 advanced students.

Proficient students decreased by 11.

In 4th grade, we had an increase of 4 advanced students, and decreased our proficient students by 1.

In fifth grade, we decreased our advanced students by 1, and decreased our proficient students by 10.

As a school, we went down significantly in proficient students


Hired Technology Integration Specialist

Purchased Google chromebooks and IPads

Family/community responsibility

Possible initiative would be the SELC committee-create the committee, implement building wide consistent structure focused on practices that support or reflect our school’s mission.

School council feedback and reflections-

Add 2014 reflections

-Revisit math common assessments

-We closed the gap in ELA by nearly 5 points.

-Continue open response/response to literature

-add the SELC piece

-Roll out RTI initiative (organize, etc.)

-Progress monitoring via AIMSweb


RTI will be rolled out to identify students


85% of students will be proficient on ELA probe

85% of students will be proficient on the Math probe

(We will break this down by grade level)

What to add:

Align SIP to teacher goals.  Neil will go to grade levels during common planning time and have conversations with teachers about the SIP-specifically teacher goals relative to the building goals and come back to the School Committee with a proposed plan.

Specific Math/ELA goals targeting Special Education

Next meeting will be November 24, 2014 at 3pm.

Meeting adjourned at 3:52pm