One Book, One Community 2016

The Trumpet of the Swan

By E.B. White
Illustrated by Fred Marellino and Edward Francino

One Book, One Community

Family Read

Dear Family,

Through the continued generosity of our PTO, we are happy to offer, for the sixth year, a One Book, One Community Family Summer Read! From the onset, our goal in this activity has been families reading together. Please help us continue this tradition by taking the time to sit as a family and read together, regardless of your child's reading ability.

“The single most important activity for building the knowledge required for eventual success in reading is reading aloud to children.”          ― Jim Trelease, The Read-Aloud Handbook

Finding the perfect book that will appeal to all of our students, kindergarten through fifth grade, is always a challenge. Knowing that you as parents will be sharing this book as a family read aloud, we strive to provide a well developed story with rich language.  We hope that you will agree our selection of E.B White’s, The Trumpet of the Swan, satisfies our goal.  First published in 1970, this classic tale highlights family, friendship, freedom, love and determination. So please find a few minutes each day, to sit with your child and share this classic tale.

Loaded with thought provoking quotes this book also incorporates a variety of subjects.  Science, Math, Writing, Music, and Fitness are woven into the story as Sam Beaver and Louis Buccinator take us with them on a journey of challenges.  “E. B. White’s third novel for children joins the two others (Stuart Little and Charlotte’s Web) on the shelf for classics.  It is the most spacious and serene of the three, the one most imbued with the author’s sense of the precious instinctual heritage represented by wild nature.”-John Updike

    “If we are willing to be still and open enough to listen, wilderness itself will teach us.”

- Naturalist Steven Harper

         “On the last page Louis thinks of ‘how lucky he was to inhabit such abeautiful earth, how lucky he had been to solve his problems with music.” How rare that word ‘lucky’ has become! The universe remains chancy, but no one admits to having good luck. We and our children are lucky to have this book.” -John Updike

          We hope this warm family read provides a springboard to discussion about your own “Family Luck” and perhaps helps to build a greater acceptance and appreciation of your unique challenges.





Monday:  If you love the outdoors and observing nature, you can relate to one of the main characters in this summer’s book.

Tuesday:  One of the main characters in this summer’s book struggles to communicate thoughts and feelings.

Wednesday:  One of the main characters works to right wrongs and preserve family honor.

Thursday:  This summer’s book will have you travelling throughout regions of North America.

Friday:  This summer’s book has a lasting legacy in our state’s capitol city.

Additional Books by E. B. White

Charlotte’s Web Charlotte’s Web: New in the Barn

Wilbur’s Adventure Stuart Little

Suggested Reads

Who Was Louis Armstrong?  by Yona Zeldis McDonough

Play, Louis, Play!:  The True Story of a Boy and His Horn  by Muriel Harris Weinstein

Project Ultraswan  by Elinor Osborn

Valdez Alaska Trumpeter Swans:  Rearing Five Cyngets  by Bob Benda

Activities for Family Fun – Inspired by this quote from the book:

"Every night, before he turned in, he would write in the book. He wrote about things he had done, things he had seen, and thoughts he had had. Sometimes he drew a picture. He always ended by asking himself a question so he would have something to think about while falling asleep.”  (p. 6)

Field Guide and Nature Walk Suggestions